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It is vital that we work in partnership to teach our children to be safe online.

School E-Safety Letter - This year we held our Internet safety day on Wednesday 10th February 2016. 


Hector the Dolphin

You may have heard the children talking about Hector the Dolphin. This is a piece of software that has been downloaded onto all computers at school as part of our continued commitment to teaching the children about using computers and the internet safely. At school we have filters designed to keep our children safe online and block unpleasant images and text. However, due to the size of the internet and the rate at which new text is added, no filter can ever be 100% reliable.

On all the school machines, the children now see Hector swimming in the right hand corner of the screen. In the unlikely event that they come across any text or images that upset them, clicking on Hector covers the screen with an underwater scene and sound effects. This masks whatever is there while the child informs an adult, preventing other children from seeing it. You may want to download Hector to your home PC. You can find the software on the thinkuknow website here.



Click here to see how to support your child online.

Click here to access information about online resources.

Click here to see some conversation starters to help you talk about E-Safety with your child. 

You may also find the NYCC Guide: Keeping your child safe online useful. 


Web links

Protect your children by activating parent controls.

Visit Parent Info from CEOP and Parent Zone.

Help keep your children safe online - Visit internet matters.

Thinkuknow is a really useful site - Visit the home page here. Remember you can download Hector the Dolphin here too.

The Thinkuknow parent guide can be accessed directly here.

Click here for a link to Swiggle, a Safe Search Website for children.


To see our E-Safety policy, click: Knowledge and Understanding of the World inc. e-safety

If you have any concerns about E-Safety do speak to Mrs Young our ICT co-ordinator or Mrs Williamson, the headteacher.